4 Signs That Indicate Your Car Battery Need Replacement

Every organ of your body has a unique role and it is very important that all your body organs work well and functioning problem. So, if your body organ feels pain or not functioning properly then you are facing many problems. 


Similarly, every component of the car is essential to keep it working properly. And in cars, the battery is one of the important components. You can consider it as lifeblood. The battery is a rechargeable component that is used to supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle. It is not only used for starting your engine but it also power-ups all of the electrical components. Moreover, its main purpose to feed the starter and start the engine. 


Generally, the average lifespan of a car battery is 2 to 6 years and sometimes it depends upon its charger capability or how long it holds the charge. If your car battery stops charging it means your battery is dead and you need car battery replacement. This is often due to improper maintenance of the battery. 



Here are some sign that indicates you need to replace your car battery


Let’s considered below!

Sign # 1

The engine takes time for starting:

If your battery is dead or stops working then your car takes more time to start. Whenever you start your car you will have to wait for a few minutes to start the engine. If you are one of them who are facing this situation then it is a sign that you need to replace your old car battery with a new one. 


Sign # 2

 Electrical glitches:

If your car engine crank when you turn on the key but it won’t start then it means your battery is in poor condition. In this situation, your car battery is only not responsive to starting the engine but powering all other electrical components like radio, dashboard lights, air-conditioners, etc. 

 So, if you find such types of issues while starting your car then don’t ignore go to professional replacement store and repair your car battery on time. Otherwise, it starts to damage other components of the vehicle. 


Sign # 3

 Corroded Connecters:

Corroded connectors are another reason for car battery replacement. If you got the white ashy substance on the battery then it means your battery has corroded issue. The battery consists of two terminals positive and negative if both have corroded connector then it can lead to voltage issues and your vehicle stop working. 


Sign # 4

Bad smell and Dim lights:

Battery is the main component of vehicle and it passes power to all vehicle electronics. This includes, lights, radio and dashboard computer. If your car battery is losing its charge then it will harder to stop running all above electrician component. It means your car battery need replacement. 


On the other side, if your car battery started to damage or completely damage then it can cause your battery leak gas. If you feel bad smell like firing wires, rotten eggs then immediately get checked your car battery and replace it as soon as possible.